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Porkka KL32 Cube Ice Machine

Cube ice can be used to improved patient comfort on wards and especially in the area of immunosuppressed clients where a cool drink is greatly appreciated.

Air cooled A
Water cooled W
Production Kg/24h 30 31
Width (mm) 417
Depth (mm) 531
Height (mm) (feet) 654 + (25)
Bin storage (Kg) 11
Power Consumption (W) 420
Gross Weight (Kg) 43
Voltage 230V/50Hz


  • Stainless steel bodywork AISI 304 with one piece insulated storage bin.
  • Spray system (KL), Belt system (KF)
  • Automatic production cycle (KL), Electronic controlled production (KF)
  • Built-in cleaning system (KL)
  • Low power and water consumption
  • Cristal clear, hygienic and compact ice cubes with the size of Ø 27×32 mm (KL)
  • Hygienic and dry flake ice with a temperature of -0,5 °