Porkka has developed a new, unique SD7 sliding door series. The newly released products are designed to fulfil the customers’ needs. The new SD7 series offers safe, third-generation energy efficient sliding doors with state-of-the-art features and competitive pricing and life cycle costs.

The durability of the doors is in its own class. The doors have been tested against over 250,000 opening and closing cycles responding to a 10-year period in a warehouse terminal with continuous three-shift truck traffic seven days a week

The new generation of SD7 cover perfectly the needs of customers and new innovations bring these new sliding doors among best of the modern cold room doors. – Petteri Piirto, Business Line Manager

The security features of the doors have substantially improved from the previous one. In machine-operated doors duplicate barrier detection gives dual security to users. This ensures that the door always detects an obstacle in the door opening in all situations. The new door the light curtain has been improved and in addition, the underlying momentary detection is automated. If the light curtain breaks down, the door will continue to operate because torque detection acts as a spare safety device.

New technologies and features are used in materials and in the control of machine-operated doors. The optimized aluminium profile body features an integrated thermal shroud inside and the overlay profile on the skirt, which makes maintenance operations for the heating cable unique in its ease. Moreover, the door leaf has a new doubling seal that can be used to secure door tightness. Despite this, the friction between the seal and the skirt has been reduced, which substantially alleviates the operation of the door.

The SD7 200 door leaf has a maximum weight of 200 kg, with a door opening width of 900 … 2000 mm x height 1800 … 2500 mm. The SD7 400 door leaf has a maximum weight of 400 kg, with a door opening width of 1200 … 4000 mm x height 1800 … 4000 mm.

SD7 sliding doors are now available and with the standard delivery time of 3-4 weeks.

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