Huurre has supplied a total of 63 Walk-in Rooms to the Harmony of the Seas cruise ship through our partner Almaco. The rooms consist of 8165 m2 cold room panels. The combined refrigerated floor area has a massive 2700 m2.

Harmony of the Seas®, built by STX France, in Saint-Nazaire shipyard is Royal Caribbian’s third Oasis class ship. This world’s largest Caribbean cruise ship is built to consist of seven different districts. From the ship you can find example places like Central Park, which has created an authentic park environment to entertain the guests of the ship. In addition to a wide selection of restaurants, there are 3 impressive water slides and robot barges. Harmony of the Seas® cruised for the first time in May 2016, and has just spent its anniversary at sea. The ship has a length of 363 meters and weighs massive 220,000 tons. The ship’s passenger capacity is staggering. The ship can accommodate a total of 6780 passengers and 2400 crew members, accommodating 2700 cabins on 18 different deck vessels.

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